[NetEpic ML] Re: Revision issues that are currently favored.

From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 14:04:30 -0800

Hello Group!

> The following issues seem to have passed with little or no opposition
> 1. Move reactor to rear of Warlord Titans.
> 2 Increase repair values of Imperial titans to 4+ and Eldar to 3+ .
> Even in the case of those opposed they wanted it to appear at greater
> cost which will be done anyway.
> Note that if you want to keep the old repair values you can do so at
> lesser cost.
> QUESTION: Will the better repair values apply to the warlord or ALL
> imperial titans?

It was my feeling, that the greater repair ability would help compensate
for the tactic of downing shields with +1 weapons, then using the big
guns to finish up. Lets call this the "Mugger Tactic". Power Fields,
when compared to Void Shields, work much better against the "Mugger
Tactic". Of course, it goes without saying, that the Holo Field is even
more impressive than Power Fields, it never runs out of charges.
The following table, supports this:

Sean Smith has a web page with some very interesting comparisons. Here
is a quick comparison of titan toughness vs. various weapons. These are
the average amount of shots needed to disable a titan.

(Thankyou, Lorenzo, for posting your Personal Page)
                  +1 SHOTS +2 SHOTS +3 SHOTS +2 BARRAGE +3 BARRAGE
 Warhound 19.0 13.3 4.7 13.3 10.5
 Reaver 33.4 23.6 6.4 23.6 18.7
 Warlord 14.8 11.9 8.4 11.9 10.4
 Phantom 64.4 32.4 10.8 10.8 7.6
 (number needed to damage wings) 3.4 2.7
 Slasher Gargant 40.5 27.0 5.4 27.0 20.3
 Great Gargant 40.5 30.5 10.8 30.5 24.3

Imperial titans, are most easily destroyed by the "Mugger Tactic".
Greater Repair, for the near Mortal Wounds an Imperial titan recieves,
helps to make for a more "heroic", feel, rather than just avoiding
getting hit. Repair is only effective, if you get a chance to use it,
however. With Volcano Cannons and the like (Every race has one or two),
many Imperial titans will simply blow up with Head Hits, never getting
to repair anything.

Although, Eldar titans are not as vulnerable to the "Mugger Tactic",
greater Repair also helps the Eldar titans. Phantoms and Warlock titans
still retain the forward facing reactor. Also, Eldar equipment is more
advanced, so the Repair just HAS to be better. Same thing for the
Slaan, I suppose, they should recieve a +2 Repair roll. Remember,
repair is only good, if your around to use it!

Of course, it goes without saying, that the Warlord desperatly needs its
Reactor located to the rear. My feeling is that, for the most part, no
changes in point values are necessary, for any titan. Most of the
changes only compensate for weaknesses in design. Weaknesses, designed
in by Games Workshop, to sell more models.

Hey, that's my opinion, what does everyone else think?

Warprat ;)
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