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Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 11:37:36 -0800

Hi Peter,

You have done wonderfull work with the Flyer rules. A couple of
questions, though.

1) In your "older" proposed Flyer rules, you suggested that AA would be
able to fire more than once in a turn. Is this still the case?

2) Can other ground units fire at flyers?

3) Some flyers had weapons with a greater range than 25cm. This allowed
them to possibly attack ground targets, without entering the range of AA
guns. The Eldar flyers being the best example. I think some of the
"Flavor" goes out of the game, with the 25cm rule. I look forward to
some much cheaper bombers, however, if the 25cm range is adopted.

Thanks for your GREAT work on the Flyer Rules, Peter!

Warprat ;)

Peter Ramos wrote:
> Hi!
> Here are the proposed flyer rules to substitute the current ones and
> give our poor models some more exposure.
> Flyer Rules
> Orders
> Intercept (use charge order)
> Escort (use first fire order)
> Ground attack (use advance order)
> Troops transport (use fall back or other counter)
> Order explanation
> Intercept- The models remain at the players baseline and distances are
> measured from there. The player may at any time release flyer units on
> intercept orders with a successful morale check. If a check is failed
> it means THAT partcular unit on intercept may not intercept THAT
> particular unit it was trying to intercept. It may however attempt to
> intercept OTHER units. Units on intercept may be counter intercepted
> and fired upon by AA fire as they move to intercept
> Escort-The models accompany units on transport or ground attack
> orders. For movement purposes treat the escoring unt and the escorted
> unit as ONE unit for movement (move at same time per one activation).
> While escorted all interceptors and AA fire MUST be directed at the
> escorting units once destroyed then the escorted untis may be engaged
> in dogfights and by AA fire.
> Ground attack- The models fly from the point of origin to the point of
> attack drawing any AA fire or interceptions along the way. Survivng
> models may attack any ground unit within 25cm of it point of attack.
> Transport- The transport may pick up or drop troops, once landed it
> may be engaged by ground troops. It will take off in the end phase
> after leaving troops and take any remaining AA fire.It can be used for
> the next turn. Troops disembark on charge or advance orders and may
> move 10cm (maximum move regardless of order).
> Game play.
> Flyer units receive orders just like ground units. they are set up on
> board at the players baseline and measure from here.
> They are activated one unit at a time just like any ground unit and
> move them in the movement phase.
> As movement occurs calls for interception can occur at the END of the
> opponents move. Interception and counter interception may occur until
> the player decides to release no more, fails his morale checks or has
> no flyers to intercept.
> Each "cluster" of flyers in close combat is a "dogfight". Once both
> players have made all the interceptions they can or wish EACH dogfight
> is resolved immediately (dont wait until the close combat phase). Once
> all dogfights are resolved then if still available players may
> intercept again. This is how you engage ecorted units after trying to
> destroy thier escort.
> Contiune to intercept and resolve clusters of dogfights until either
> player runs out or flyers to intercept or decides not to.
> Note that AA guns may shoot at interceptors as they close to fight in
> hopes of reducing dogfight odds.
> Close combat and escort units. When engaging a unit in dogfight with
> escorted units, ONLY the escorts fights in the dogfight with
> interceptors NOT the escorted units. The simulates the escort
> "protecting" the escorted units. Once all escorting units are
> destroyed then they may be engaged.
> Dogfights are resolved just like ground close combat, except
> additional combatants versus one model get an additional +2 NOT an
> additonal d6 like ground combat.
> Ground attack will be directed at any ground unit within 25cm of the
> flyer unit, thus all flyer weapons have a range or 25cm.
> AA guns within this 25cm radius gain +1 to hit when attacking flyers
> on ground attack orders.
> Well thats it in a nutshell. Of course it will be edited and better
> worded but that is how it works. Note flyers WILL have movement so
> they will always on the table top.
> moves will be 100cm for interceptor types and 75cm for all others.
> This is their maximum move for one turn regardless of orders.
> Peter
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