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I like this.
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    Here are the proposed flyer rules to substitute the current ones and give our poor models some more exposure.
    Flyer Rules
    Intercept (use charge order)
    Escort (use first fire order)
    Ground attack (use advance order)
    Troops transport (use fall back or other counter)
    Order explanation
    Intercept- The models remain at the players baseline and distances are measured from there. The player may at any time release flyer units on intercept orders with a successful morale check. If a check is failed it means THAT partcular unit on intercept may not intercept THAT particular unit it was trying to intercept. It may however attempt to intercept OTHER units. Units on intercept may be counter intercepted and fired upon by AA fire as they move to intercept
    Escort-The models accompany units on transport or ground attack orders. For movement purposes treat the escoring unt and the escorted unit as ONE unit for movement (move at same time per one activation). While escorted all interceptors and AA fire MUST be directed at the escorting units once destroyed then the escorted untis may be engaged in dogfights and by AA fire.
    Ground attack- The models fly from the point of origin to the point of attack drawing any AA fire or interceptions along the way. Survivng models may attack any ground unit within 25cm of it point of attack.
    Transport- The transport may pick up or drop troops, once landed it may be engaged by ground troops. It will take off in the end phase after leaving troops and take any remaining AA fire.It can be used for the next turn. Troops disembark on charge or advance orders and may move 10cm (maximum move regardless of order).
    Game play.
    Flyer units receive orders just like ground units. they are set up on board at the players baseline and measure from here.
    They are activated one unit at a time just like any ground unit and move them in the movement phase.
    As movement occurs calls for interception can occur at the END of the opponents move. Interception and counter interception may occur until the player decides to release no more, fails his morale checks or has no flyers to intercept.
    Each "cluster" of flyers in close combat is a "dogfight". Once both players have made all the interceptions they can or wish EACH dogfight is resolved immediately (dont wait until the close combat phase). Once all dogfights are resolved then if still available players may intercept again. This is how you engage ecorted units after trying to destroy thier escort.
    Contiune to intercept and resolve clusters of dogfights until either player runs out or flyers to intercept or decides not to.
    Note that AA guns may shoot at interceptors as they close to fight in hopes of reducing dogfight odds.
    Close combat and escort units. When engaging a unit in dogfight with escorted units, ONLY the escorts fights in the dogfight with interceptors NOT the escorted units. The simulates the escort "protecting" the escorted units. Once all escorting units are destroyed then they may be engaged.
    Dogfights are resolved just like ground close combat, except additional combatants versus one model get an additional +2 NOT an additonal d6 like ground combat.
    Ground attack will be directed at any ground unit within 25cm of the flyer unit, thus all flyer weapons have a range or 25cm.
    AA guns within this 25cm radius gain +1 to hit when attacking flyers on ground attack orders.
    Well thats it in a nutshell. Of course it will be edited and better worded but that is how it works. Note flyers WILL have movement so they will always on the table top.
    moves will be 100cm for interceptor types and 75cm for all others. This is their maximum move for one turn regardless of orders.


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