[NetEpic ML] Re: Revision: Deathstrike Missiles

From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 19:19:15 -0800

Hi Hellreich,

That's one ugly story! When I last played Imperial Guard, years ago, we
used the old rules. Launchers on First Fire, had to see target, no
cruise, etc.... I never took more than 2 batteries, so as not to
"Cheese" my opponent, and usually only took one. If I won initiative,
they were a good gamble, and a bargain. If I lost initiative, they were
the first things killed. Taking two batteries would mean that one
battery was almost guaranteed to be able to fire.

Whenever I play, armies are picked before the terrain is set up. No
custom army to fit the terrain! I pick my forces, only knowing what
type of army my opponent is bringing (No allies, unless both have
them!). When I pick missiles, on Titans and Deathstrikes, it is with no
certain knowlege that they will even be of good use. Many times, I have
guessed incorrectly, and not even fired them.

When you play with these kind of rules, and I hope you do, missiles and
superweapons are not so much of a problem. Armies tend to be more
ballanced, or you take a gamble on the terrain, and what your opponent
picked. Gamble right and you probably win the game, gamble wrong and
you've lost before the game even begins. This makes things more
interesting, I think.

Also, I think it's total "cheese", that you weren't allowed to hunt down
and kill the launchers, after they had fired. The only way to get
points for them is by thier destruction. True, any good Imperial Guard
Commander is going to want to get them off the battlefield and reloaded,
but that is beyond the scope of just one battle. If they exit the
table, you should get points for them, just like for any other unit that

The more I think about it, the more I don't like these Cruise Missile
rules. Let's make the Deathstikes like they were, but make them Special

Warprat ;)

hellreich_at_... wrote:

I feel your pain on this Last week my Slann titan took 6 hits in turn 2
and I could not even see his Tanks. Then he would not give me the VP's
for his Tanks said they shot there missiles and went back to HQ to get
more LOL. So there went my right flank, oops he had Barrage ones too
there goes my left flank. His total points 900 my total 3050 :-( whaa!!
Pack up the Mechs LOL I jumping into the Warp and anit never coming back
to a IMPs planet again.
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