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> Yes the Blitz worked verey well for the Gremans when they
> were fighting the
> poor.

The poor? At that time the Germans were "the poor". Most of their tanks were
light tanks and about half of those were armed with MGs (PzI) or 20mm
cannons (PzII). The panzer divisions were few and the allies actually had
more tanks. It was the USE of tanks that won the Germans that battle and
many others.

> But when they tried that at the Battle of the buldge,
> Alot and I mean
> alot of Germen tankmen had a very long walk home. For they
> never had the
> Infantry to hold the ground or to flush out other infantry
> witch was one of
> the things that lead to their early retirement from the war.

I suppose lack of fuel to carry on the offensive, poor planning, unrealistic
goals, the fact that most of their experienced tank crews were gone, deep
snow and lack of air power which made them reliant on bad weather had
nothing to do with the failure of the offensive? :) BTW, in the last global
live ammunition excercise most of the German army was leg infantry. Not
mechanized or even motorized. And the tank units often had to wait the
infantry units to catch up with them which certainly wouldn't have been the
case if tanks had just moved at walking pace with infantry.

Jyrki Saari
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