[NetEpic ML] Re: Revision Issue: Titans

From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 01:49:43 -0800

Hi Nils!

After thinking about it, I have to agree that I like your solution the
best. It is a good revision for the NetEpic rules, in my opinion.

Do you think that Deathstrike Batteries need to be limited in some

Also, should AA guns still take a -2 penalty to hit? What is your
opinion about letting infantry be able to target flyers?

Thanks Nils!

Warprat ;)

nils.saugen_at_... wrote:
I know, I checked the old rules this morning myself. I think we'll stick
to the rules I described yesterday. (Treating the missile as a flyer)
Anyway, I prefer to take the barrage warhead.

We have always regarded the Deathstrike missile as a cruise missile
much like modern day tomahawks. So I've always regarded it as a small
flyer. We use our own rules for flyers (They are placed on the tabletop
as any other units and has some manuverability restrictions. They must
move between half and full movement, making no more than two turns each
round with at least 10 cm between the turns and with a maximum turn of
90 degrees (no singel turn above 45 degrees)) These are the rules by
wich the deatstrikes move.

So if I'm able to backstab a titan, using the above manuverability
rules with the limited movement of the deathstrike missiles. I would
very well say that my opponent deserved a warpmissile in the back.
Furthermore it does not say in the rules for the deathstrike missile
that the launch vehicle has to have LOS to the target. It says so on
the description for the Titan, but then again that missile is of a
different nature (no movementrestrictions for instance) I regard these
missiles as different weapons but with the same warhead.
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