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Well I just read all the rules and I don't see how pepole can say the Slann is the most powerful. Warlock; can kill a Titan at 25cm, can freeze a Titan at 75cm it may not move or fire and not allowed to roll dice in close combat must use just its CAF( at this rate it would only take a few Guards men to take it out), and the big one may give orders to units within 10cm to allow the unit to do what ever it wants when it wants charge,first fire, or advance and fire., the storm -2 save on titan with no sheilds and you don't even have to roll to hit.
Farseer in my mind is useless but still can kill a Titan within 25cm, change orders on unit within 50cm, try to change orders on your units
Warlock which is really the stronger of the 2 125pts
Farseer 150pts
Librarians can kill a Titan within 25cm, can kill a deamon within 25cm, may kill another psyker within 50cm no LOS is needed either
Librarians WOW is this right LOL talk bout Slann
let just say psychic powers were never really the Squats strong point
Orks hard to play but if kept at 11-20pts of power no roll to destroy 3-4 attack dice -3 to -4 TSM, Titan stands a very good chance of going down
Weirdboy 150pts
Slann magus nullify psyker loses powers next turn :-(, can per measure 50cm circle wow :-(, guide other mech jump for one unit, may shoot a target at 75cm with a non-psychic attack -4 to save
sheilds must be down or it only takes one sheild down, may guide Mech unit if within 6cm
Slann Magus 250-300pts
Mechs cost 117-167pts ea
Slann magus after points is 133pts round to closes 125pts and this is by himself no transport or other models
Where is the big problem with the Magus LOL only has one powerful attack and no pyschic save at all. If you look at everything here you can plainly see all but one race are more powerful then he is. Heck even the Weirdboy sounds good 3-4 attack dice I might just have to try the Orcks one time.
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