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From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 23:44:58 -0800

Hi Nils!

I like what you have to say.

Every race should have it's own strenghts and weaknesses. As more races
are added to the game, we must take care that we do not give the new
armies too much. It is not simply about making an "All Powerfull" unit
that has to cost a whole lot of points to compensate for it's "Godlike
Powers". It is about creating a unique army, with its own special

To me, just looking at the Slaan, they look very powerfull. Are they
too powerfull? Don't know, haven't played with them, (or against them).
Before I would support any but the most obvious needed changes, I need
to have some experience with the units involved.

The Slaan seem to have a pretty reasonable background story from wich to
base thier units. The army seems to have its own distinct style.

Should Slaan Magus have psychic saves? Not necessarily, you could make
a case either way. Are they the most powerfull? Depends on the

I think it's very possible, however, that the "Children" of the Slaan,
would have surpased thier mentors in various ways. Certainly, though,
the Slaan rule supreme in thier use of mechanical devices. They have
also mastered the Warpjump. They have a limited control of time.

Warprat ;)

nils.saugen_at_... wrote:
But they do, against most physical attacks.
Using history as a factor in explaining why they dont have non physical
psycic saves is by NO means bogus. Reading the introduction to the
Slann, they created the other races but left them alone to develop
themselves, and from this I do not think that it's in the Slann nature
to meddle with their creations evolutionary process. And why can you be
so certain that non physical psycic throws is a basic skill. It
obviously is so for the Eldar school of thought, but not for the Slann.

I would also like any input on this topic from the rest of you!
Your point is, that beeing the creators of all other races the slann
should have the greatest psychers in all the fields of the psycic arts.
Lets look into that; The slann created the Eldar as a race with high
psychic awareness. Then left them to their own. As the Eldar evolved
their psychic powers grew stronger and took a different shape than that
of their creators. Finally the Eldars psychic powers even surpassed that
of the Slann. So I do believe that if even if the Slann is the oldest of
the races they do not nesseserely have to have the most powerfull
psychers. Furthermore their study of psychic powers is more linked to
the warp, than that of the eldar. And as a gather from the rules, of a
more physical nature, making them vunerable to the more suptle powers
represented by non physical psycic powers...
As for the astropath, the humans are always the strongest race in any
game enviroment I've ever seen. This is because they are the most
cunning, adabtable, ambitious and cruel race around. The Eldar has the
highest number of psychers, the humans the bes, and the others are
specialised in their own fields according to the nature of their race.
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