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Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 13:02:49 -0600


Now I'll comment on my own post.
  Warhound hull, 250 points

  At 125 per warhound its TOO low for such a useful unit, 200 per hull is my guess, the cost of weapons keeps it around 350 on average.

  Reaver hull, 300

  The only one I'd leave as is.

  Warlord hull, 500

  I'd trim it down to 450 and would even argue for a 400, the changes made although useful, still make 500 points too much.

  I will list the Imperial weapons below with current cost, the comments should be two fold, first wether the cost is okay and second whether the rules for it should change.

  1.Gatling blaster, nice weapon, but hits on a 5+ perhaps a cost of 50 is better
  2.Laser blaster, lots of dice but no modifier, anti-infantry really not bad at 50 points
  3.Quake cannon-overpriced, by a lot, only one shot and the volcano is a lot better, I'd say its not worth more than 50 points
  4.Melta cannon, pretty good as is.
  5.Turbo laser, perhpas too good, two dice hits on a 3+, at the very least keep at 75 points
  6.Vulcan mega-bolter, leave ass is
  7.Volcano, leave as is
  8.Balstgun, very useful weapon, I'd say bump it up to 75 points
  9.Plasma cannon, In general I am very disatisfied with the rules on these plasma weapons, its not effective to have if you can fire anything else. I'd import an idea from Heresy, in the case of the cannon you lose half of the active shields (due to power drain) and the electrohull doesn't work. You can regain sheilds next turn as well as the electrohull. Only this way is 100 points justified
  10.Destructor- same as above, but lose ALL shields, e;ectrohull and no move for the next turn (with reduction in CAF), and bump up cost to 150. Its just silly to mount weapons that dont permit you to use anything else.
  11. Inferno gun, good as is
  12.Deathsrike centerline head, good a is
  13.Multi-launcher, if you played AT you know this is NOTHING like its predecessor, it just plain sucks. I say either give it a save modifier of -1 or extra templates to earn its points.
  14.barage missile launcher, having use and abused this thing for many years leave as is, sure its an expensive one shot, but its too easy to mount several and cause damage, especially at the games start.
  15.harpoon missile, I dont like the rules, who uses this anyway? I'd amke this ignore shields (like the trident) and take over the titan the same turn, (even if it already acted), otherwise why bother?
  16.Voretx, something is just gotta be done with this, its a "kill-a-titan-for-free" card, with gargants its a joke, they are so wide this never scatters far enough not hit it. If the rules are kept, its got to be limited, preferable by special card.
  17.warp missile, same here as above
  18.All close combat weapons, they rules are okay, but why pay for them, how often does close combat occur in these rules? Not very much unlike AT. I'd save give people an incentive and give close combat weapons for free
  19.cerebus,AA, augment the stats, at least as good as hydra.
  20.Landing pad, okay as is
  21.Different heads, okay as is
  22.Corvus, too expensive unless the termies are included, I'm okay with leaving the cost if termies are included.
  23.devotional bell, okay as is
  24. Fire control, as is
  25.trident, as is

  well. thats my rather long two cents.


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