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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 14:30:22 -0600


When I sometimes reminise with old hands like Birol, Simon and Ken I always point out letter like the one you just posted.

None of us get paid for this or get any remuneration in any shape or form. Although it's very corny to say it, but yes, its labor of love and our only thanks, your praise!

The way this list is managed and net epic run is no coincidence. In the realm of internet surfing I'm relatively new (since 1996). I remember the lists I belonged to back then and the newsgroups I visited. Most are house the ill-mannered, the ignorant and those who seek only to critize, not build. Needless to say I was VERY disapointed. Due to my educational background and profession (medical doctor), I really enjoy a good discussion aabout almost anything. Of course to talk about the hobby which I have been involved as a retailer and gamer for more than 20 years is close to my heart.

When net epic began, I was thrilled that I could finally have a direct input on what happens with this game. Its still a rush when opnion is transformed to rules other people use and modify. The key, then as now, is the PEOPLE. Regardless of age I have encountered on this list and the old net epic one, very mature people. Maturity in my view extends from the ability of people to express a point and be able to handle constructive critism. Throughout the history of this and the former list "incidents" of a negative nature have been few and contained quickly. That is of course a testiment to our members-ALL OF YOU!

I enjoy reading the mail on this list because its never inane or boring, people express their point and others comment. As for my opinion and how it transforms, its only logical. If you make a good case, why shouldn't I listen? Its not my game. I may have put a lot into it, but no more than a whole host of other people, look around you, without Simon and his webmastering skills, we get no exposure, without Birol, no editing and pictures for Incoming! Without Ken no fresh ideas and eternal driving force and constant helping out (becasue believe or not I do get tired sometimes!). Heck, what is of this list, with good ol' Warprat and Weasel spouting out their ideas every other day. What would have Heresy done without, Stefano, Darius and Ed (hellriech). Crap it be boring if I didn't hear from Lorenzo our Italian connection and Kelvin from down under.So many people, so many good stuff to do and talk about. Sometimes, I wish I could game with any of you ONCE!

Perhaps someday we WILL make a convention or a get together, not for money, not for gathering a flock of people, just for us alone and game until the cows come home, until then, thanks for everything, it makes logging on real fun!

Long live Epic and all our list members!

Hi Peter,

I am pretty new to NetEpic, and a real pain in the butt, usually. But I
would truely like to thank you, Peter, for taking the time and energy,
to save Epic. For me, it's truely wonderfull to be able to have a good,
vigerous discussion with truely, intelligent people. Also, after being
stuck with 2nd edition rules, and having no way to give any input, this
forum is truely a dream come true. Everybody has something good to say,
a new point of view, an interesting tidbit. I know many opinions, I
have held dear over the years, have been changed by reading and
discussing, with the other fine gamers on this board.

All this is due to your excellent leadership. While being involved,
answering questions, etc... You do not try to control, but only steer
the ship when necessary. For me, it's very interesting to see how your
opinions change, as new ideas are introduced. As are my own, many

It would be a BLAST, to truely meet everyone sometime, and have a Big
Blowout week of gaming. Like a Gencon, or something, on a smaller
scale. The digital camera idea, is also good. But I'm not sure you
want to see me un-shaven, and in an old T-Shirt and underwear. Gasp....
Thanks again, Peter!

Warprat ;)
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