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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 20:56:07 -0600


They don't have a direct translation into netpeic rules, but in comparison it had a better to hit and a better possiblility to make criticals than some plasma weapons!

If you want ot see more download the rules from Ken's page.

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What were the "old stats"?

Warprat ;)

Peter Ramos wrote:
> Hi!
> Hehe, we'll it seems that a consensus will not be reached here either.
> Its all a problem of vision I guess, Kelvin and I remember what this
> weapon USED to be, it was one of the best weapons to get, now its
> pretty trival. ANY IG battery is better than this. ANY alternate
> barrage weapon is better than this. The problem is NO ONE uses it. If
> a modifer is a bad idea, multiple templates is pretty bad too.
> To leave this weapon without a modifier really doesn't give it much to
> compete against better weapons of this type, range? Not enough to
> compensate.
> I cant think of much of a compromise. Heck, I'd rather scap this
> weapon altogether an bring back its original form at least that way if
> you gave it a high cost no one would agrue since its really good. This
> thing was originally anti-titan! It had a good chance for criticals
> too. It acted more like a hunter killer barrage than what it is now.
> Just a shame to see this weapon not used, with such a glorious past!
> What to do?
> Peter


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