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From: Kelvin <kx.henderson_at_...>
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 13:05:27 +1000

Hellreich wrote:

> big deal 3 weapons but the weekist one is a template and that negates
>cover. And the others are close range, this one shoots across the whole
>battle feild.

100cm is the whole battlefield? You're playing on a small table then. But
I suppose I'm used to the luxury of using ping-pong tables for my battles.

>And now you want to make it a Light tank killer too. Cheese
>factor coming on. Then fine give it 3 templates but then only allow it to
>shoot every other turn. For at this rate, me and Peter need to change the
>cost of the Slann Titan, cause you are going to make the warlord stronger
>then the Impreator.

I have no intention on making this weapon or the Warlord cheesy. I hate
cheese. There's a very good reason I stopped playing Warhammer Fantasy and
40K years ago. All I am after is making this weapon more attactive than it
currently is. No one takes it and for good reason. It sucks. Like Peter
said, its really a matter of perspective. I remember what this weapon USED
to do. It was awesome and looked good on the model. Now it sucks and so
no-one bothers to put it on their model.

Of Warprat's suggestions, I'd prefer to see it get the -1 save mod, but an
increase in range to 150 or 200cm would be almost as good. I don't like
the idea of the multiple templates.


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