[NetEpic ML] Re: Net Epic Revision: Titans

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Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 12:45:33 +0100

Good point!

I use 2 rocket launchers on one of my warhound titans, I've found that this
is much better than spending points on two Whirlwind detachments....
However, I would really like to se that they get a -1 armour save
modifier... or perhaps a large (13cm) template????


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> I always take the Multiple Rocket Launcher for the Warlord. Agreed it
> isn't
> great but I need the barrage artillery for the SM. Why take mole mortars
> or
> addtional batteries of whirlwinds when this has a better to hit than 3
> whirlwinds or 3 mole mortars and its only 50 pts. This weapon doesn't
> always
> save me but it is handy for taking out vibro cannons, weirdboy towers and
> hard to reach artillery behind enemy lines. If you are worried about cost
> make it 35 or 40 pts. Another cool weapon is the Wrecker. For 25 pts it
> increases your CAF, takes out buildings, destroys one non-superheavy
> vehicle/titan/praetorian classed unit before CC and gives you an advanced
> attack on titans in CC. I have taken this many times and have used it in
> CC
> effectively. I have been known to charge my titans.
> Darius
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