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From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 04:32:52 -0800

Hi Darius and Nils!

I agree, I have used the Multiple Rocket Launcher, a time or two.
But I really like the wrecker, a lot. It doesn't get a whole lot of
use, when I use it though, it's more of a terror weapon. Your opponent
never knows which building your titan will knock down, so your opponent
hesitates to concentrate his infantry in any building.

The last game I played, I actually got the wrecker into close combat
with a Warhound. Of course, like a Warp Missile (Subtle hint to those
who think the Warp Missile is ALL POWERFULL!), it missed on the first
and second rolls for template scatter. Then the Warhound's Chain Fist
proceded to give my Reaver a "Chainsaw Enema", oouuuccchhh! And that
was the end of my Reaver. ;)

A quick question for Peter:

Do Drop Pods retain thier CAF of 0, after they've opened? Or, are they
automatically killed, if close assaulted? Seems to me, that they would
have a CAF of -3, like light artillery.

Warprat ;)

Darius "Dman" Spano wrote:
> I always take the Multiple Rocket Launcher for the Warlord. Agreed it isn't
> great but I need the barrage artillery for the SM. Why take mole mortars or
> addtional batteries of whirlwinds when this has a better to hit than 3
> whirlwinds or 3 mole mortars and its only 50 pts. This weapon doesn't always
> save me but it is handy for taking out vibro cannons, weirdboy towers and
> hard to reach artillery behind enemy lines. If you are worried about cost
> make it 35 or 40 pts. Another cool weapon is the Wrecker. For 25 pts it
> increases your CAF, takes out buildings, destroys one non-superheavy
> vehicle/titan/praetorian classed unit before CC and gives you an advanced
> attack on titans in CC. I have taken this many times and have used it in CC
> effectively. I have been known to charge my titans.
> Darius
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