[NetEpic ML] Slann titans

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Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 10:23:17 +0100

I read through the Slann rules and there is something that puzzels me. If
the hull (carapace) is a part of the warp jump generator then this makes the
costly titan quite vunerable. If you roll a 5+ on the damageroll the titan
is (most likely) a gonner. Now the warp displacement shield will protect it
well from most shots, but if I'm able to score a hit on the hull with a
volcano cannon the thing is quite likely to disappear into the warp. And if
I remember correctly, someone said that the shield doesn't protect it from
warp missiles???? If so, it is in quite deep shit....

This is good news to me, but I think that the Slann players will find it
quite unfair to pay 2-2500 points for somthing that might be taken out of
the game quite easily.. One coulf just load up on titan killing weapons and
blast the thing away. Due to the size of the thing you'll either hit
something crucial like the bridge or the shield generator or you'll hit the
hull and send the thing back to where it belongs, somwhere in the depths of

Now, I've not played against the Slann yet so I'm wondering has this been a
problem??? Do those of you that have played with the slann, think that the
price of the titan is right??? Is this "vunerability" put into the titan to
balance it out???


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