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>>Hi there guys,
>Depends a little on the weapon. Some of the longer ones, the volc and the
>quake make it look goofy when you extend them. They look pretty cool on
>their own. Smaller weapons like the lasblaster and such kinda need the
Thanks !

>>Also, for CC which weapon is more useful (generally) - ChainFist or
PowerFist ?
>>Personally I prefer ChainFist but what do you guys think ?
>I'd have to go with the chainfist. The powerfist has to rate as one of the
>most useless arnaments possible. It only helps if you win CC, but does
>nothing to help you win CC. Whereas an opponent with an assiting weapon will
>kick your butt and you won't get to use it. Every other CC weapon similar to
>the Imp powerfist has something additional to help it. The chainfist wins
>hands down.
Thanks for the confirmation ! I always thought maybe they should add the 1d6
to CC roll, ala ChainFist, but it might make them a little too powerful ?
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Also, I am thinking of building a Titan Hunter-Destroyer.
What are my options ?

1. Reaver Titans armed with lottas of CC weapons (I kinda like slugging
it out, but am worried about being overwhelmed by those pesky

2. Reaver Titans armed with long-range weapons (kinda boring...).

3. Warlord Titans armed with long-range weapons (CC just does not quite
cut it :(, unfortunately)

Any suggestions with pros and cons will be much appreciated. Also, does
anyone play Titans with experience rules (?, the Titan expansion rules in
Titan Legion) - how does the capability that allows you to CC with units
that is in your path using half your CAF works ? Stonking ?
Also, if you have additional CC weapons on this Titan, how does the
calculation go ?
Eg. Warlord Titan CAF +12
        Chainfist 1 +1d6 (3.5 on the average)
        Chainfist 2 +1d6 (3.5 on the average)
        CC Head +3
        Some other weapons

So is it
1. Effect = (14 + 3.5 + 3.5 + 3) / 2 = 11
        The Chainfists 1 and 2 contribute to the overall effect. Great
Walking Death !

2a. Effect = (14 + 3) / 2 = 7.5
        ChainFist 1 and 2 do not contribute to the effect as they are of not
fixed value.
2b. Effect = (14 + 3) / 2 = 7.5
        ChainFist 1 and 2 do not contribute to the effect as they are of not
fixed value.
        But in CC roll 4d6 !

3a. Effect = (14) / 2 = 7
        Sorry, hombre.....;(

3b. Effect = (14) / 2 = 7
        You still get to roll 4d6....;)

4. Someother definition ?

If the result is very clear, please humour :) I could not quite find my
Titan Legions manual :( for quite sometime now.

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