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From: Simon Dodds <c9415355_at_...>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 12:14:35 +1100 (EST)

>>Well, things have been too quiet on the list. We need something to do :)
>We could start up the doomweaver/titan thing again.

Oh, please NO! I've never played with them or against them so it made even
less sense to me. I think I can do without.

>Ummm... for us it will be $140.00 if you go by the rest of the price increases.

That sounds about right. People outside the land of Oz have no idea how
badly we get screwed - a constant annoyance for me.

>Hmmm... I hadn't heard that GW were not going to let you use the old stands
>for their cons. I guess that would kinda suck. As for the boxed sets, they
>claim the new ones won't need multiples of boxes to make units. Which would
>be nice.

A probably also a load of shit. GW doing us a favour? Naaaaaahh....

>That's one of the things that worries me, making epic "little" 40K, when
>IMHO 40K has a hepa of troubles when compared to similar 25mm sci fi game
>systems. And if they want to bring the chees into a game that is almost
>cheddar free, well that would be a bad thing. I think that the reasoning
>behind the name change is that 40K is so popular, and their biggest money
>spinner that the epic "40K" bit will drag people across. We've even
>speculated that some young kids will buy it seeing 40K thinking it's an
>expansion and getting really shitty when they find the little figures inside.

That might work to our advantage. A lot of annoyed kiddies wanting to
offload stuff. hmmmm, there could be a good side to this after all.

>Oh, yeah. For just a boxed set, I can buy a fleet for full thrust, an army
>for warzone or a fleet for harpoon. Or a boxed set? Hmmmm.... I personally
>think that the prices are not only unforgivable, but just plain suicidal.
>The constant price hikes have seen 40K tipped as the game people seem to be
>playing. My new club has been overtaken and now swamped by warzone. There
>was one game of 40K compared to about 6 games of warzone. GW better get
>their act together or they'll be losing their main money spinner. Mind you
>they could do what they do to most of their British rivals, put 'em out of
>business by hook or by crook.
>Whoops, I didn't say that

Well, that's what's happened here in Newcastle. They still have GW stuff but
they dumped Epic ages ago and now there are more Warzone blisters than 40K.
The problem is that this is/was the only other GW stockist within 100km. A
long time ago, the shop used to split packs so you could just get bits that
you wanted (if only i played epic back then...) until GW got their legal
dogs onto them. At least you can get second-hand stuff if your lucky (stands
and transport for around half the Dark Angels chapter for about $80 cant be
all that bad)

>>Get comfy, everyone. This debate is going to take a while.
>Cool. Nothing like one of these. Me I hope epic 40K, is great. They do have
>the better people doing it.

I have mixed feelings, leaning towards total scepticism. You may have noticed...


Simon Dodds

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