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From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen_at_...>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 11:35:31 +1000 (EST)

>Oh, please NO! I've never played with them or against them so it made even
>less sense to me. I think I can do without.

I was joking.

>>Ummm... for us it will be $140.00 if you go by the rest of the price
>That sounds about right. People outside the land of Oz have no idea how
>badly we get screwed - a constant annoyance for me.

Yeah an average of $7.50 a minie I think is pushing it. warzone the better
minnies are $5.00, maybe because it's Aussie made.

>A probably also a load of shit. GW doing us a favour? Naaaaaahh....

People don't seem to pick up sublte humour anymore.

>Well, that's what's happened here in Newcastle. They still have GW stuff but
>they dumped Epic ages ago and now there are more Warzone blisters than 40K.
>The problem is that this is/was the only other GW stockist within 100km. A
>long time ago, the shop used to split packs so you could just get bits that
>you wanted (if only i played epic back then...) until GW got their legal
>dogs onto them. At least you can get second-hand stuff if your lucky (stands
>and transport for around half the Dark Angels chapter for about $80 cant be
>all that bad)

Yeah, those leagl types are right nasty. They stopped a friend of ours small
business who was importing minnies and selling them to clubs for just over
cost price so that they were actually reasonably priced. They put a stop to
that quick-smart when they found out. He's considering moving to Warzone now
to keep his business going. Now that sucked. And it was stupid. he was
probably the biggest seller of minnies for GW here for a long while, and now
that has stopped.

>>Cool. Nothing like one of these. Me I hope epic 40K, is great. They do have
>>the better people doing it.
>I have mixed feelings, leaning towards total scepticism. You may have

My attitude varies, but I doubt it'll catch hold of me. There is a nice
array of other outlets for my gaming time and money that continually make me
see GW as a petty inconsiderate company that is far too forceful on their
players, purchasers and rivals when the other avenues are considered. I
think it's just they have become too big to see the small picture. 5 or 6
years ago, people played GW like no tomorrow, and while we whined about the
systems we kept playing. Now there are decent rivals a lot of the groups
have changed from them not accepting inferior games.

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