Re: [Epic] Stand and Deliver

From: Simon Dodds <c9415355_at_...>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 12:48:33 +1100 (EST)

>>Oh, please NO! I've never played with them or against them so it made even
>>less sense to me. I think I can do without.
>I was joking.

I'm quite aware of that. But just the thought.... yurrgh!

>>That sounds about right. People outside the land of Oz have no idea how
>>badly we get screwed - a constant annoyance for me.
>Yeah an average of $7.50 a minie I think is pushing it. warzone the better
>minnies are $5.00, maybe because it's Aussie made.

Are they? As far as I knew they were either American or Scandinavian

>Yeah, those leagl types are right nasty. They stopped a friend of ours small
>business who was importing minnies and selling them to clubs for just over
>cost price so that they were actually reasonably priced. They put a stop to
>that quick-smart when they found out. He's considering moving to Warzone now
>to keep his business going. Now that sucked. And it was stupid. he was
>probably the biggest seller of minnies for GW here for a long while, and now
>that has stopped.

Bugger. Some mate of mine were going to start doing something like that,
instead they just opened a painting service. Not only does GW seem to go
against rival shops, but they also go against their own shops - eg. the shop
here gets shitty if you got something from their Sydney store. Wankers.

>My attitude varies, but I doubt it'll catch hold of me. There is a nice
>array of other outlets for my gaming time and money that continually make me
>see GW as a petty inconsiderate company that is far too forceful on their
>players, purchasers and rivals when the other avenues are considered. I
>think it's just they have become too big to see the small picture. 5 or 6
>years ago, people played GW like no tomorrow, and while we whined about the
>systems we kept playing. Now there are decent rivals a lot of the groups
>have changed from them not accepting inferior games.

I still dont see how GW can see how they could be potentially hurting
themselves. I guess it is for the quick buck and the armies of ignorant
10-year old spastics who dont know better, or simply refuse to. Like those
people who think McDonalds is good for you, let alone edible.


Simon Dodds

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