Re: [Epic] Rebel against the new stands ? Not me.

From: Michael P. Lepisto <errant_at_...>
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 1997 18:22:34 -0800

[damnito memoriae]

>Please stop whining about infantry, because the infantry boxes are really
>the cheapest miniatures of the whole Epic universe (they cost 15 $ or
>something, which is the cost of a lot of single miniatures in the GW line)
>and you will need to buy 3 boxes only (more or less) because in the new
>plastics boxes, the detachements will be *complete* (aaaahhh ... no more
>boxes with only 2 stands of terminator troopers) with no leftovers...
>They also said that the old bases will remain compatible with the new
>system, so pleeeeaaase let's stop sobbing.If the new bases give any
>advantages, I think it will be a geometrical advantage (dependent of the
>form of the stand itself, and not by any given stats).

Why people balk at the cost of GW games is beyond me, yet no one is
bothered by paying $40+ for some computer software. (How many people out
there have all the Warcraft and Command & Conquer and Doom/Quake/Duke3D
titles?) I don't think it is not the cost so much as the effort put into
painting the infantry that has people upset. Some people do clean off all
the mold lines and put more than one or two colors on the little buggers.
Which can be a rather time consuming process.
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