Re: [Epic] Rebel against the new stands ? Not me.

From: Marc Feuerstein <tw44645_at_...>
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 97 15:03:02 +0100

Well ...
I really like the system as it is now, but there are some argumentation in
favor of the (upcoming) new system.

We have to remember that one of the things that made GW so popular is the
fact that their games are 'alive'.They add new units, talk about the
background, make scenarios, etc ...
Sticking to Epic 2 will be like sticking to a dead system.It won't evolve
any more.Like a friend said about homepages on the 'net (also to apply on
games) "A homepage (or game system) can be in two states : in construction
or dead".

I like the idea of changing the systems once in a while (as long as *all*
the bought things remain compatible) because it will force us to think about
new strategies for our (already acquired) army.If we play always with the
same strategy over and over again, it will be boring, and nobody wants that.

Everybody agrees that there were some big problems in the current system,
and I hope they will be resolved.
The very experienced players will have to adapt to the new system, and they
will not be (so) experienced in Epic 3 (because they will have to learn the
new system, like any beginner) , what will be very cool, because nobody
will be unbeatable (in the beginning, anyway).

Please stop whining about infantry, because the infantry boxes are really
the cheapest miniatures of the whole Epic universe (they cost 15 $ or
something, which is the cost of a lot of single miniatures in the GW line)
and you will need to buy 3 boxes only (more or less) because in the new
plastics boxes, the detachements will be *complete* (aaaahhh ... no more
boxes with only 2 stands of terminator troopers) with no leftovers...
They also said that the old bases will remain compatible with the new
system, so pleeeeaaase let's stop sobbing.If the new bases give any
advantages, I think it will be a geometrical advantage (dependent of the
form of the stand itself, and not by any given stats).

What is frightening me much more, is the idea that old vehicles won't be
usable anymore, but i really doubt it.Maybe we will have to buy some minis
to augment our detachements, but this is optionnal, because nobody forces
you to.

In our group, we heard that detachements will not have a fixed number of
units in it, but that we will be able to choose how much units we want to
put in.We said that a possible house rule will be (in the beginning) to
respect the number of units in a detachement that were given in Epic 2.

The only thing I really think will piss me off is the fact that the price
will multiply with a factor of 3 probably.Let's hope it won't (you can buy
some stock now, and play with the old minis in the new system).

Something very good about the changing of system, is the fact that it will
attract a lot of new players, that Epic will be played in tourneys again (it
is a long time ago, isn't it ?) and that we will see a lot of new scenarios
They did a good job with WHFB 5 IMHO, so we have reasons to hope they will
do the same with Epic 3.

To end with an optimistic view.We are in the middle of the most difficult
period for Epic players right now (no minis in store, no new players, almost
impossible to mail order, not a gentle word for us in WD, etc ...) but this
period is coming to an end with the rising of Epic 3.

I am glad to know that Epic 3 is 'in construction' and not dead.
That's the way the world goes round, my friends.

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