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Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 12:07:31 +1000 (EST)

>>Yeah an average of $7.50 a minie I think is pushing it. warzone the better
>>minnies are $5.00, maybe because it's Aussie made.
>Are they? As far as I knew they were either American or Scandinavian

The company is British, but the minatures that we get are moulded in
Victoria as part of Eureka. Or they just distribute them, one of the two.

>Bugger. Some mate of mine were going to start doing something like that,
>instead they just opened a painting service. Not only does GW seem to go
>against rival shops, but they also go against their own shops - eg. the shop
>here gets shitty if you got something from their Sydney store. Wankers.

Oh yeah. Apparently the ordering system has been changed too. It used to be
cheaper to order things from GWUK if you had enough stuff to get at once,
now they want you to order from Sydney full stop. Unless you want bits you
have to go through there. I guess they worked out that it costs us more to
be buy from nearby then from across the world, and they were missing out on
their precious profits and stopped it. Apparently a New Zealand group wanted
to order about 500 pounds of stuff from GWUK and were refused, and some
people from GWUS were told they couldn't order through GWUK. I don't
understand? A sale is still a sale isn't it?

>I still dont see how GW can see how they could be potentially hurting
>themselves. I guess it is for the quick buck and the armies of ignorant
>10-year old spastics who dont know better, or simply refuse to. Like those
>people who think McDonalds is good for you, let alone edible.

Hey, McDonalds proved in court that Coke is nutricious. Someone took them to
court and they had to admit that their interpretation of nutritrion is if it
has calories. So coke, that lovely acidic stuff is good for you according to
them. Good analogy for the GW attitude toward the gamer. Just buy our stuff,
it's good for you, honest.

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