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Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 13:08:57 +1000 (EST)

>>It is the same group of people that created the game we all love, that is
>>going to make the new one.Don't be so negative before looking at the system.
>>If you don't like the new system, just keep playing with the old one.If you
>>happen to love it (and I *bet* you will), just use the new one !
>>Like a thread that was active in this mailing list before it broke down :
>>"GW doesn't put a gun on your head" to buy their games, so you are free not
>>to buy it.
>That's true. But by going on their record, things seem to be going downhill
>in the quality of GW stuff. A good example is WFB. A new version 2-3 years
>after the previous one? Also Warhammer Magic is almost the same as the
>previous magic supplements but there are less spells in it (all the colleges
>are just now one reduced deck of Battle Magic) and there are subtle
>differences in it that make it near impossible to use the previous magic
>stuff with this new edition (is that right, Kelvin?)

Well Doddsy, lets put it this way. In the new Warhammer magic they changes
enough of the system, rules and cards that you actually have to buy it (thus
making Aus$100+ worth fo stuff useless), but didn't change it enough that
you felt justified in outlaying Aus$75 for the bloody thing! It seems to be
the GW trend of doing things which is what I am scared about with Epic97
(whoops! Epic 40K).


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