Re: [Epic] Stand and Deliver

From: Thomas Lee Denney <seether_at_...>
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 11:30:44 -0600

>>I still dont see how GW can see how they could be potentially hurting
>>themselves. I guess it is for the quick buck and the armies of ignorant
>>10-year old spastics who dont know better, or simply refuse to. Like those
>>people who think McDonalds is good for you, let alone edible.
>Hey, McDonalds proved in court that Coke is nutricious. Someone took them to
>court and they had to admit that their interpretation of nutritrion is if it
>has calories. So coke, that lovely acidic stuff is good for you according to
>them. Good analogy for the GW attitude toward the gamer. Just buy our stuff,
>it's good for you, honest.
 Reminds me of the Dead Kennedy's song "A growing Boy Needs His Lunch" or
better yet maybe we should send GW a copy of "Soup is Good Food". Think
they would get the message?
-Tom Denney
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