Re: [Epic] Rebel against the new stands ? Not me.

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Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 13:25:10 +1000 (EST)

>Why people balk at the cost of GW games is beyond me, yet no one is
>bothered by paying $40+ for some computer software. (How many people out
>there have all the Warcraft and Command & Conquer and Doom/Quake/Duke3D
>titles?) I don't think it is not the cost so much as the effort put into
>painting the infantry that has people upset. Some people do clean off all
>the mold lines and put more than one or two colors on the little buggers.
>Which can be a rather time consuming process.

Hey look I don't so much as balk at the cost of the game, just the friggin'
price hikes!!!!!

Let me give you an example:

Just after the newer version of Warhammer Fantasy was released I went to a
local Gaming store to look at it and some other stuff. Before this new
release the Warhammer box cost Aus$100. I looked at the new box and my
heart almost stopped. Aus$140!!!!!! A 40% price hike! My heart returned
to a normal pace and I put the box down gently, frightened I may break it
and thus have to pay for it. I saundered on over to the Warhammer 40K area
to see if I could afford to boost up my Imperial Guard army. Whilst I was
there I glanced at the Warhammer 40K Boxed Set (which the previous week was
also was Aus$100) and happened to notice the price: again it was
Aus$140!!!! I looked at the contents of the box to see if this was a new
version I didn't know about or there was something new in it, but there was
no difference between this and the Box I had seen the week earlier! I asked
the store owner about this and his reply was that the GW Mail Order in
Sydney had increased the prices of all the Boxed sets to meet the new
Fantasy set! I was just appauled! Nothing new, but they increase the price
by 40% anyway!

These price hikes are just getting beyond control!


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