[Epic] Why I'm not buying the new Epic

From: Seth Ben-Ezra <Azathoth_at_...>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 00:16:37 -0500

I would have to say that I have three reasons for not buying the new
Epic. The first is definitely money. I just got into the game (about
4 months ago) when my local game store owner was selling off stuff at
25% discount (before he heard that models would be compatible). So I
went in with another person, bought the Titan Legions box and split
the models. I am NOT going to spend another $50-$60 on another boxed

Secondly, I like the rules the way they are. I have heard people say
that there are problems with the system that need to be fixed. I
haven't run into any yet (BTW, what are they?), but in general the
system is great. I have always been a fan of initiative based systems
(a la Silent Death) and the army card system prevents *most* of the
cheese. (It can be done, but it's more difficult than 40K. :]) So
why change a good thing? Sure, there may need to be some rules
updates. They did it in Titan Legions. Just publish them in a White
Dwarf (put something useful in there, for a change) or sell them in a
separate booklet (for $5 or so) and then incorporate them into the
next edition of the boxed set. The same goes for the new units. I
understand that Epic needs some troop updates to confrom with
Warhammer 40K (e. g. adding Warp Spiders or removing Beastmen from the
IG). Fine. Again, just release the new rules in White Dwarf (or
several White Dwarfs) or in a separate publication and then
incorporate them into the next edition of the "codex" for that army.
Heck, they've been adding new units in WD for a long time now! There's
no reason that they couldn't have done the same thing here.

Finally, from what I've heard, the focus of the game is going to be
shifting from tanks and Titans to infantry. I'm sorry, but the main
reason that I got into Epic was the Titans, especially the Imperator.
I thought that the rules were cool and, frankly, the idea of
possessing a unit with that many guns and that much destructive
capability set testasterone rushing through my veins. :) If I want
to play an infantry-based game, I'll play 40K (or Warzone). I don't
know how many of you are familiar with the game OGRE and its sequel
GEV published by Steve Jackson Games. In it infantry are good, but
they are fighting on a tank's battlefield and die rather quickly.
Their main advantage is their ability to ignore terrain. Sound
familiar? I like how Epic handles infantry: they aren't bad, but
they die like pigs. Epic is a tank game, plain and simple. That
shouldn't be changed.

I can understand arguments for updating the system, both rules and
units. But a complete rework is unnecessary.

Seth Ben-Ezra
Great Wolf
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