Re: [Epic] Why I'm not buying the new Epic

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Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 16:33:52 +1000 (EST)

>Finally, from what I've heard, the focus of the game is going to be
>shifting from tanks and Titans to infantry. I'm sorry, but the main
>reason that I got into Epic was the Titans, especially the Imperator.
>I thought that the rules were cool and, frankly, the idea of
>possessing a unit with that many guns and that much destructive
>capability set testasterone rushing through my veins. :) If I want
>to play an infantry-based game, I'll play 40K (or Warzone). I don't
>know how many of you are familiar with the game OGRE and its sequel
>GEV published by Steve Jackson Games. In it infantry are good, but
>they are fighting on a tank's battlefield and die rather quickly.
>Their main advantage is their ability to ignore terrain. Sound
>familiar? I like how Epic handles infantry: they aren't bad, but
>they die like pigs. Epic is a tank game, plain and simple. That
>shouldn't be changed.

I agree. The advent of Ian Pickstock into 40K was the death of it as an
INFANTRY skirmish system. Now the emphasis is moving more toward tanks
(especially if you play IG, "The key to winning with the IG is to use lots
of tanks" they all say! I'll not have a bar of it!). I always have said if
you want to play with Tanks, play Epic. If you want decent infantry
battles, play 40K (I don't mind people using APCs in 40K, just not things
like the Leman Russ and the Basilisk for cryin' out loud!). If they take
the emphasis away from Titans and Armoured Units in Epic, then I'll be
sticking to Dirtside II and the current version of Epic.

>I can understand arguments for updating the system, both rules and
>units. But a complete rework is unnecessary.

I agree, but the great Gods of Greed hath spoken unto the GW Board of
Directores and said "Thy profits with thy system of Epic hath slumped to an
all time low. Rename thy childe 'Epic 40,000' so that the multitude of
young power-gamers shall liken unto it and spend vast amounts of cash upon
it. Rewrite and repackage this new childe so ye may chagre 50% more for it
and thus rekindle thy profits! Let it be done!"


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