Re: [Epic] Rebel against the new stands ? Not me.

From: Bonnie Beyea <bbeyea_at_...>
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 1997 23:09:23 -0800

Marc Feuerstein wrote:
> Please stop whining about infantry, because the infantry boxes are really
> the cheapest miniatures of the whole Epic universe (they cost 15 $ or
> something, which is the cost of a lot of single miniatures in the GW line)
> and you will need to buy 3 boxes only (more or less) because in the new
> plastics boxes, the detachements will be *complete* (aaaahhh ... no more
> boxes with only 2 stands of terminator troopers) with no leftovers...
> They also said that the old bases will remain compatible with the new
> system, so pleeeeaaase let's stop sobbing.If the new bases give any
> advantages, I think it will be a geometrical advantage (dependent of the
> form of the stand itself, and not by any given stats).

OK, the problem I have with GW and their "promises" stems from the fact
that I am a retailer. So they have assured us that the old stands will
work. My sales rep at GW Canada also assured me that WHF would not be
more expensive - the price increased by $15. He assured me that the
price on their paints would not icrease - the washes and glazes
increased. He assured me that the trees that GW now produces are more
expensive than the ones they prevously carried, because they are better,
yet they are the SAME damn trees! Believe me, I could site many more of
GW's assurances that have been false. I don't care if they increase
their prices (well, acutally I do, but it is their company), but don't
give me false assurances, and quit lying to their retailers!!
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