Re: [Epic] What scares me about Epic 40K

From: Keith Zanardi <xenofobe_at_...>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 22:49:10 -0500 (EST)

>But this is exactly the main fear I have of the re-write, its
>cheese-ability. There's nothing I hate more than losing because someone
>simply power-gamed their way through, using little loop holes in the rules
>and using the absolute best and nothing else. I have done it myself, but
>only as a bit of fun with the agreement of my opponent. I don't mind losing
>to a better general, to having picked a poor army or having a poor
>deployment or even to bad luck! But losing to a power-gamer annoys me no
>end. And I am afraid that to increase profits, GW may increase the
>cheese-level of my beloved Epic. I know that it has cheese in its current
>form, but its like a single pack of cheese slices at the moment, not the
>whole supermarket dairy section like the other two systems can be if used
>poorly. Please don't let this come to be!!
      I know what you mean. When I first started playing Epic everyone
   said that I caught on quick and soon could hold my own with the best
   of them. Then the group decided that I should play against the
   undefeated player. No one had ever beaten him in Epic. I said sure.
   He played Chaos which I never played against. I welcomed the change.
   (I played IG) His standard list contains the following:

    3 Warlord Titans each with Fire Control Towers, Plasma Destructors,
      2 Barrage Missiles, and a Deathstrike Cannon head. Oh, and 2
      Carapace multi-lasers. (Note, this group was doing Battle Groups
      at 3 Warlords for 1800pts. at that time)

    2 Lord of Battles each with 2 Deathstorm Launchers

    1 Bloodthirster
    15 Detachments of Bloodletters

    1 Co. Chaos Marines

    3 Thunderhawk Gunships

     Total 6000pts.

    Well anyway, when I fired at those Bloodletters I was surprised to
    find out that they regenerated 50% of the time. Not to mention the
    6 Barrage Missile Launchers and DS cannon shots on turn one.
    Followed up by 12 Plasma Destructor shots, TH's in MY artillery
    (what was left) and 75 Bloodletters hell, their CAF is what? +5?
    It was a lesson in true futility. My first game with him was over
    turn one.

    I thought you folks would get a kick out of this Chaos army list.
    Anyone out there think they could beat it? I know I can't.


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