[Epic] What scares me about Epic 40K

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Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 12:27:12 +1000 (EST)

Hi Everyone.

I've been listening to the Epic97 debate for a little while now and have
made a few comments here and there about it, but I think I should tell you
exactly what frightens me about the re-write.

I can stand the price rise. It annoys the living #_at_$! out of me, but as
long as I'm getting a quality product, I don't mind having to pay for it.

I am scared of my miniatures being made obsolete, but as the designers have
stated they are taking great pains to make sure they aren't, its a smaller
fear than my main on.

I am on one of the 40K lists and recently this popped up:

>I would just like to say that i have played over a 100 battles with my
>space wolves have never lost. I have played against gameswork shop staff
>and they still could not beat me.I throw down the gauntlet to any one
>who thinks they can beat me.

Someone asked to see his army list.

Naturally he had Ragnar Cheesemane with a field and drugs. No, two
unmodifiable saves isn't cheesy people claim. He also had lots of Blood
Claws with Blind Grenades, which isn't allowed by the army list BTW. Then
he had Bjorn the Cheese-handed (you know, the dreadnaught) and gave it, wait
for this, a DISPLACER FIELD!!!! Wargear on vehicles (for those of you who
don't know, wargear is for the infantry/cavalry only, not vehicles)! No
wonder no one could beat him, he cheats! He has been flamed so hard he
hasn't reared his head again.

But this is exactly the main fear I have of the re-write, its
cheese-ability. There's nothing I hate more than losing because someone
simply power-gamed their way through, using little loop holes in the rules
and using the absolute best and nothing else. I have done it myself, but
only as a bit of fun with the agreement of my opponent. I don't mind losing
to a better general, to having picked a poor army or having a poor
deployment or even to bad luck! But losing to a power-gamer annoys me no
end. And I am afraid that to increase profits, GW may increase the
cheese-level of my beloved Epic. I know that it has cheese in its current
form, but its like a single pack of cheese slices at the moment, not the
whole supermarket dairy section like the other two systems can be if used
poorly. Please don't let this come to be!!


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