Re: [Epic] What scares me about Epic 40K

From: Kevin Walker <sage_at_...>
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 22:47:35 -0600

At 12:27 PM 1/10/97 +1000, Kelvin wrote:

>I've been listening to the Epic97 debate for a little while now and have
>made a few comments here and there about it, but I think I should tell you
>exactly what frightens me about the re-write.
>I am on one of the 40K lists and recently this popped up:

<snipped portion dealing with description of these problems>

I'm also on the same list, and witnessed these same postings. The first
thing that came to mind was having to be wary of the opponent forces being
choosen correctly. Many of us are probably playing friends and
acquaintances that we trust, but even they make some pretty horrendous
mistakes from time to time (usually without a malicious intent). To now
have to worry about blatant and potentially imbalancing mistakes being made
at tournaments is enough to cause me to think twice before being a
participant (or ref) for this type of play in the future. I have heard a
number of horror stories at tournaments, both locally sponsored and those at
larger scale conventions (Origins, etc) where the refs didn't know the
specifics of a 40K Codex and accidently approved a force that was in error.
These errors are almost impossible to catch when your an opponent of one of
these players, as the force listings are usually not open to inspection by
opponents before the match is fought. I have little doubt that this same
problem will be more preventant with this new way of force construction in
the new Epic 40K.

To be fair though I will mention one possible advantage I see in the new
choose your unit configuration system. It will require less boxes or packs
of figures to field some things. For example, I seriously doubt that it
will be possible to buy just terminator stands seperately in their own
blister or box, but with this setup it could be possible to buy the 1st
company of a space marine chapter and go half and half, terminators and
normal marines. Before this was only possible with detachments. This might
make it possible to field varying steps in the number of figures used. This
possibility is only a guess, as I haven't seen anything to indicate how
loose the "purchase your own unit setup" idea is going to be.

All right, blast away (oh ... this isn't one of the newsgroups ...)

Kevin Walker
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