[Epic] Non GW figures in Epic

From: Dan Lobb <danlobb_at_...>
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 01:38:13 -0800

Just wondering if anyone else has used nonGW figures in their Epic
games? I use some of the BattleTech infantry as ogryn, the Rommel/Patton
tank as a variant super heavy, and some of the Renegade Legion vehicles
as alternative Eldar vehicles. I have a few other minis I plan to
develop rules for, but I haven't painted them yet.

I have been considering the GHQ Polish Cavalry figures for Rough Riders.
Has anyone used these minis? I was curious if they are comparable in
size. I don't like being tied to one supplier for my game supplies. Can
anyone add to my list of alternative minis? I would like to know what
companies make figures in this scale.

I am most aggravated with the removal of the miniatures from the market
while they develop the new rules. It is not good practice to cutoff your
existing customer base to avoid complaints of potential new customers.
(The stated reason for the removal of the game and its supplements was
to avoid someone saying I just bought this and you say it is now
obsolete. As if a toy can be obsolete!)

I take that last bit back, all of my books for W40K were rendered
obsolete when they came out with the boxed edition. My W40K orcs became
obsolete as they were immasculated by the "orc stuff hardly ever works"
idea. I won't even start on the squats...

I would like to here back about any mini conversions, but please don't
responsed to my "whinning" about GW. I was just venting my spleen in
sympathetic company.

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