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Date: 10 Jan 1997 13:34 EST

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> Just wondering if anyone else has used nonGW figures in their Epic
> games? I use some of the BattleTech infantry as ogryn, the Rommel/Patton
> tank as a variant super heavy, and some of the Renegade Legion vehicles
> as alternative Eldar vehicles. I have a few other minis I plan to
> develop rules for, but I haven't painted them yet.
> I have been considering the GHQ Polish Cavalry figures for Rough Riders.
> Has anyone used these minis? I was curious if they are comparable in
> size. I don't like being tied to one supplier for my game supplies. Can
> anyone add to my list of alternative minis? I would like to know what
> companies make figures in this scale.
> I am most aggravated with the removal of the miniatures from the market
> while they develop the new rules. It is not good practice to cutoff your
> existing customer base to avoid complaints of potential new customers.
> (The stated reason for the removal of the game and its supplements was
> to avoid someone saying I just bought this and you say it is now
> obsolete. As if a toy can be obsolete!)
> I take that last bit back, all of my books for W40K were rendered
> obsolete when they came out with the boxed edition. My W40K orcs became
> obsolete as they were immasculated by the "orc stuff hardly ever works"
> idea. I won't even start on the squats...
> I would like to here back about any mini conversions, but please don't
> responsed to my "whinning" about GW. I was just venting my spleen in
> sympathetic company.
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Well... almost all of my miniatures are scratch-built from various things,
mostly other miniatures. I am not a miniaturist, I just like the game; as a
result, I'm not concerned whether my armies look as nice as another person's
armies. However, I refuse to pay ridiculous prices for what are basically
pieces on a game "board." Thus, I have no problem with people using some
minis to represent others, even on a large scale, providing it's reasonably
clear what's what.

Cameron Bentsen, Ottawa.
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