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Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 11:13:05 -0500

> From: Brett Hollindale <agro_at_...>
> >> The Eldar Avatar "moves at 15cm" toward the nearest oponent.
> >> Does this mean "moves 15cm" or does it mean its "move is 15cm and this
> >> should be doubled since it is charging"?
> >
> > He moves 15cm, period. I think in the actual text in
> >Renegades this is spelled out.
> Well, no it isn't, or I wouldn't have asked. It says "moves at 15cm". The
> question is what does "moves at" mean? I don't want to sound anal or
> anything, but every other unit I can find that has a fixed move is worded
> differently.
> Hence, the question...

        I'm pretty sure it's spelled out *somewhere* - I remember
we used to play that he moved 30cm, then one day I was reading
through the rules trying to figure out how to beat them pesky
eldar & I came across that little tidbit of information (along
with the fact previously unknown to me and my opponent that anyone
shooting at the Avatar is at -1 to hit and in close combat is
-1 CAF).

        I think what I might be thinking of is that the Avatar
is not a command unit, but does not get orders, either. Thus,
he doesn't get the move-at-charge-rate ability. I could be wrong
about that, though, I'll have to check Renegades tonight.

Who just realized the Avatar works exactly like a 'nid
  on 'Hunt' instincts...
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