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Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 16:13:22 GMT

At 10:49 PM 9/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
> I know what you mean. When I first started playing Epic everyone
> said that I caught on quick and soon could hold my own with the best
> of them. Then the group decided that I should play against the
> undefeated player. No one had ever beaten him in Epic. I said sure.
> He played Chaos which I never played against. I welcomed the change.
> (I played IG) His standard list contains the following:
> 3 Warlord Titans each with Fire Control Towers, Plasma Destructors,
> 2 Barrage Missiles, and a Deathstrike Cannon head. Oh, and 2
> Carapace multi-lasers. (Note, this group was doing Battle Groups
> at 3 Warlords for 1800pts. at that time)

We only alow Titan Battle Groups for Chaos if you take Bubonis or Skylok as
per some Cit Journal or other...

If your group permits chaos to take Battle Groups then all he has done
"wrong" is to mount to0o many carapace weapons and not enough arm weapons -
a misdemeanor really.

> 2 Lord of Battles each with 2 Deathstorm Launchers
> 1 Bloodthirster
> 15 Detachments of Bloodletters
> 1 Co. Chaos Marines
> 3 Thunderhawk Gunships

No problems, the Blood Slauterers would account for the lack of a Primarch.

> Total 6000pts.
> Well anyway, when I fired at those Bloodletters I was surprised to
> find out that they regenerated 50% of the time. Not to mention the
> 6 Barrage Missile Launchers and DS cannon shots on turn one.
> Followed up by 12 Plasma Destructor shots, TH's in MY artillery

As long as he you mean 12 Plasma weapons everything is kosher so far, but
you can't fire any other weapons in the same turn as you fire a Plasma
Weapon and with the Destructor, you won't be moving or firinf any other
weapon for the rest of the game.

> (what was left) and 75 Bloodletters hell, their CAF is what? +5?
> It was a lesson in true futility. My first game with him was over
> turn one.

How did he get into close assault range in turn 1?

> I thought you folks would get a kick out of this Chaos army list.
> Anyone out there think they could beat it? I know I can't.
> Keith

Almost any army can beat this. 75 bloodletters are a waste of 2250 points.
Sure they're great if they get into close assault, but no oponent has ever
got bloodletters that close to me!

You could take the usual advice about titans and ignore them. Shoot up the
bloodletters as they close and collect your victory points there, but...
I would concentrate fire on the titans in turn 1 (and turn 2 - if required)
and then burn the bloodletters in turns 3 and 4. If it goes to turn 5, then
the handful that are left will finally be in close assault.

When facing Space Marines or Chaos and (to a lesser extent) Eldar you really
need either a couple of units of snap fire weapons or overlapping fields of
fire on your tarantulas or rapiers to deal with the Thundercheese and

After your point defense weapons have dealt with those pesky fliers you can
turn them on the titans (if Hydras) or the advancing horde of daemons.

Now that you've seen what his army can do, go back and whip him!

If he beats you again, big deal! You aren't the first. If you beat him -
well from the sounds of it, you would be the first...

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