RE: [Epic] Bad Choas Force (was: What scares me about Epic 40K)

From: Keith Zanardi <xenofobe_at_...>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 13:18:31 -0500 (EST)

At 11:55 AM 1/10/97 EST, you wrote:
>>Actually, poof goes 1 (one) of his warlords. Everything else is pretty
>>right - "barrage missiles mounted on the carapace only" is an issue that
>>caused considerable debate only a few weeks ago and there is little
>>that if pressed, he is within his rights (although I think he would be
>>wrong) to insist that missiles CAN be mounted anywhere. Two Warlord
>>(as suport units) would cost 1800pts which is what he is paying already.
>I think the warlord battle group is 1500. So he'd be
>paying more for two than he currently is for three.
>They wouldn't have the restriction to stay together,
>but I don't know if that mattered.
>Did it turn out that he had shot the plasma destructors in
>the same turn as other weapons, or moved the Titans
>after shooting them?
  No, he fired the Barrage Missile launchers and DS heads turn one.
     He got like 35+ templates (a little better than average) which
     wiped out my artillery co. and a Shadow sword. turn 2 (it had
     to have been 2 turns sorry guys.) I don't think he fired every
     weapon on the titans on turn one. Anyway on turn 2
     he opened up with 12 Plasma Destructor shots and finished off
     all of my Super heavies the remnants of the Artillery Co.
     I figured it was all over (I am going from memory as it's been a
     while) at the end of turn one anyway. Not trying to be a pesimist,
     but hey, 75 Bloodletters were comming for me so I figured I was
     being more of a realist. As far as I know I don't think he moved
     the titans at all.


      Ps Every model was WISIWIG!
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