Re: [Epic] What scares me about Epic 40K

From: Perrin Haley <phaley_at_...>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 23:27:36 -0800

>The original Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine games covered battles
>between similarly armed Imperial and Chaos forces based on the company &
>support card system. In the Renegades supplement of the second edition,
>it is stated that the chaos forces can include any unit from the
>imperial list. They just didn't want to spend the money on all the
>redundant cards. The Warlord titan group is not explicitly forbidden to
>the chaos player. This is pre-Titian Legions, but I haven't found
>anything in that text to forbid this unit either. I would allow the
>Warlord group.

I had always thought that it said in Renegades that Chaos could use any
*Space Marine* support card, and that in Titan Legions it said that they
could get *Imperial Guard* allies. I've never seen (or heard) of a mention
that Chaos could even touch *Tech Guard* units.

>I would like to point out though, the Fire control units cannot be used
>in conjunction with the Barrage Missile. This is stated in the Titan
>Legion rule book.

Well shave off my hair and call me baldy! I've never heard this one before
either. I must see this one for myself. Can you reply with the page
number? (I need to burst the bubble of our Tech Guard player's favorite
titan armament!)


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