Re: [Epic] Maybe this will spark some discussion.

From: Perrin Haley <phaley_at_...>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 23:21:25 -0800

>Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to beat a Heirophant Battle
>Group? Is there a FAQ for this group?

I'll answer the second one first. While there isn't an EPIC FAQ (AFAIK),
there is a Q&A, where we send in game clarification questions to the
Primarchs (Andy C., and Jervis J.), and they try and answer them to the
best of their ability. While I don't remember if it is still in service or
not (with the new and upcoming edition of Epic almost ready), I know that
all of the previous Q&A's are posted on the net. While I don't have the
URL, I'm sure somebody else does. Any help with this one, Allen?

As for your second question, I'm not quite sure. There is a web page with
a few paragraphs discussing bio-titans, and how to beat them with the
*Eldar*. Unfortunatly, since you play Chaos and Marines, this won't be of
the greatest help, but I would still highly recommend reading it as it does
discuss the (few) weaknessess of bio-titans. The url is:
look for the "post on biotitans."

>I play Chaos and Space Marine. Does anyone consider it cheese to add a
>Ravenwing equivalent to an original Chapter?

The marine player in our group does the same thing, and we don't have much
of a problem with it. I see it as the equivalent to letting an Eldar
player use any of the listed free cards for his (or her; let's not forget
Bonnie! ;?) own home-brewed craftworld. I would say go ahead with it,
unless some one in your group complains.

>Thanks in advance.

Your are welcome afterwards. <g>

>Earl Corbin

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