[Epic] How to bet a cheese chaos army

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Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 11:13:22 +0000

3 Warlord Titans each with Fire Control Towers, Plasma Destructors,
> > 2 Barrage Missiles, and a Deathstrike Cannon head. Oh, and 2
> > Carapace multi-lasers. (Note, this group was doing Battle Groups
> > at 3 Warlords for 1800pts. at that time)

Thanks everyone for their welcome and prompt replies. One of the best
traits of epic is that no army selection is invincible. After seeing the
comments on the chaos army that posted I decided to try to lay the
matter to rest. Arguments of a illegal army selection aside, the best
army to seriously trounce this one would be a marine with a teaspoon of
imperial guard army. The chaos army has two critical flaws. First, no
anti aircraft cover and the second lack of manuverability of his ground
assault (his bloodletters). Now the army should consist of the
following: Tactical company, 2 battle companies, terminator company,drop
pods,6 thunderhawks, imperial guard artillery company and three hydra
batteries as support, a reaver company armed with a vortex missile each
and two volcano cannons this should be 6000 pts on the nose. The tactic
simple, first start with the drop pods with the tactical company, these
are your sacrificial lambs, since the pods go in the orders phase you
will catch all his bloodletters nice and packed, for those who have
never seen death wind in action with its 10 cm radius fire will be in
for a surprise, try to let them fall on the biggest concentration of
bloodletters, now this is where a strong application of the rules will
fry him-in epic you are not allowed to ever break unit coherency(with
the exception of if are on first fire and suffer casualties and do not
move)you will inevitably hit many bloodletters from different squadrons
since they are not casualties until the end phase regeneration roll the
remainder are obligated to stay within 6 cm of other figs in the unit
and thier only option is perhaps charging your tactical squads, but they
cannot advance and thats the ticket! Of course you tacticals will come
out in advance, but he will have the folowing problem-advance with
remaining units and get mowed down in the advance phase or charge
them.Dont woorry about the VP's from the tactical company because he
will have to destroy all but 4 to gain them and the more he concentrates
on them the less fire power available to go after the rest of your
army.Now,at this moment he will be pretty flustered and you;ll swoop in
with your thunderhawks(the beauty of this is that if he wins initiative
he probably make you go first or if you win you go first to confuse him
because you want to occupy the objectives first), the first three thawks
loaded with terminators and take the objectives closer to his base line
you'll need thier CAF to ward off any bloodletters that can actually
make there on foot( always remember to leave a single stand on the
objective that cannot be reached on their first assault that way if the
frontline gets mauled you will still retain it for one turn-thats all
you'll need!).The second three thunderhawks should carry assault squads
and tacticals and land them in objectives in mid-board. Using your
rhinos rush support to these areas and leave devastators in objectives
closer to your baseline on advance so they can fire in the first
turn.Without much battle you have severly disbalanced him now the coup
de'grace your reaver group will fire thier vortex missiles at his
warlords, remember even if he wins initiative he has to alternate
choosing first fire units with you,the end result is that even if he is
lucky you on avarege will destroy 2 out three warlords and remember even
if it does not go down vortex knocks down all void shield leaving them
open to other attacks during the round.As for your artillery position
them out of line of site, you can indirect barrage him,but barrage
miisile can only target things in line of site,He,He! Finally, three
hydra units,keep them hidden remember that they can see his thaks coming
and they don't need line of sight to anything else. AS you can see he
will lose after the first turn with you in excess of 55+ ( youll
practically have all the objectives plus several titan VP's) and he will
be lucky if he breaks something other than your sacrificial tactical
company. Go get'em soldier!

Also the rule about using together a fire control center and barrage
missile launchers is correct,because the bonus to hit does not aply to
weapons with obligatory scatter such as the barrage missile launcher.
This appears in WD(sorry I dont have the exact number since I only have
copies of the article titled questions and answers Part I by Mr. Watts,
my guess it was WD165-173 in that range.

Usually the best way to trounce a power gamer is by knowing the rules!
If I sound like a rules lawyer I apologize but since I have met many
such as this one over nine years of playing in those cases it became a

Long Live Epic!

P.S for the unbelievers, yes I do own all armies with a value of over
200,000 pts and about 70 titans of all types.
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