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Date: 13 Jan 1997 10:55 EST

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> Hello all,
> It appears that our gaming group is a minority in that we're
> really NOT into titans. In fact we have a house rule limiting 1 titan per
> army per battle. So when we so the price for Titan Legions we decided not
> to purchase it. However, after reading this mailling list I'm having
> second thoughts. There have been some rules attributed to Titan Legions.
> We're specifically local for rule errata and additions that effect
> non-titans. So I was wondering if it's worth the price (provided we can
> even find it.) We're not interested in paying big bucks just for a model
> as large as my cat!
> Thanks, and good gaming to all.
> Mike

I wouldn't buy Titan Legions now, unless you're certain you won't be getting
into Epic40K. If you aren't, go ahead and get it if you can.

As for not being into Titans, you might be surprised. I expect that many
of the players on this list are really not heavily into Titans either,
especially the ones that try to keep some concept of the game universe in
mind when they design their armies (and tend to design reasonably balanced
armies as a result.)

There are 2 reasons why I field as few Titans as possible.
  1. They cost a lot of points, are worth a lot of VP, and are too easy
     to kill (with a few exceptions) to be worth it. Battlegroups are better,
     but you still must be careful where you put them and how you protect them
     from CC to make them worthwhile.
  2. According to the game history, Titans are relatively rare pieces of
     machinery; they take centuries to build, whereas huge numbers of tank
     and infantry companies can be raised each year.

On this basis, I have a personal rule that I never take more than 25% of my
army points in Titans. I wouldn't make this a house rule, however; if your
opponent wants to take more, it's his funeral. There are a number of ways to
defeat massed Titans, depending upon which army you play and on how well your
opponent plays.

Cameron Bentsen, Ottawa.
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