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Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 14:46:03 -0500 (EST)

Excerpts from Epic: 13-Jan-97 [Epic] Actually, now that y.. by
> Can Space Marines have the Imperator as their special card? More
> specifically, can you put a Devastator Company on board an Imperator,
> regardless of how they are organized? That was the configuration the
> first time I ever faced him, and let me tell you, he was intimidating
> THEN. (Still waxed his turtle ass, tho'...)
> But it just occurred to me that Devastators already have transports. I
> guess the question is, "Is the Imperator (or Mega-Gargant, for that
> matter) a building for purposes of allied movement? or a troop carrier
> with windows? or does it just transcend both of those rules?"

My personal take on the Imperator, especially given the insistance of
the rulebook and the Primarchs that yes, Marines & IG *can* go in the
Imperator, is to consider the thing a walking building instead of a
transport vehicle. No, the Marines cannot take an Imperator as a
special, but if there is an Imperator on the field they can hop on,
presumably before the battle, and shoot out. This means that one can
put loads of Termies in the legs; this would probably be the ultimate in
defensive measures down there. (Though dropping in Ogryns would
probably do nearly as well... less expensive, but you loose the Land
Raiders blocking troops 'round the outside.)

IMO, Marines in an Imperator aren't that useful, unless they keep the
Rhinos clustered around the legs, but that probably depends on house
rules more than anything.
                    Aaron Teske
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