Re: [Epic] Maybe this will spark some discussion.

From: Alan Brain <aebrain_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 12:12:17 -0800

Earl Corbin wrote:
> Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to beat a Heirophant Battle
> Group? Is there a FAQ for this group?
> I play Chaos and Space Marine.

Last year, there was a PB E-Mail of a Chaos Space Marine force vs
Tyrannids - including 2 Dominatrices and a Hierophant Battlegroup.

One of the Hierophants bought the big one, over 100 samage points in one
turn. How? Chaos Cards and CSMs landed by Thunderhawk. One Card to halve
the CAF, then 4-5 to add 4-5 CAF ( 8 in total) for the CSMs. All you
have to do is get it on its knees, so the Ripper Tentacles don't work,
and it gets macerated.

But the way to win is via VPs: kill everything else. The one or two
Hierophant you kill is icing on the cake.
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