Re: [Epic] Re: Few girls on list

From: Alan Brain <aebrain_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 12:07:40 -0800

Jason Stephensen wrote:

> >> It's odd how so few girls/women are on this list. The Curtin Imagination
> >> Association (CIA), our uni gaming club, is about 50/50, and run by a girl.
> >That's it, I gotta move to Australia!
> >
> >danlobb
> Can't much more of a good reason really. From what I hear, we have some of
> the highest proportions of women to men gaming in the world.

The girl who I married not only was into D&D in 1979, and had her own
copy of Panzerblitz, but also her own model railway. All 3 is unusual,
even in Oz.

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