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>I purchased a copy of the 2nd edition Space Marine last month, openned
>it up to find the entire Eldar force and a few space marines missing.
>The customer service department sent me the missing figures and a few
>extra sprues within a week of receiving my email.
>I have been bashing them alot lately on this list. I have always had
>good results from the Customer service guys. Too bad it doesn't
>spillover into the marketing department.

I don't usually do "me too" posts, but with all the GW
bashing, it seems only right to give some credit here.
I have had the customer service people be very nice
and helpful to me. They replaced a small Warhound
piece, that I think I even lost myself, and an extra
knight along with it. They're nice. Only problem
was this weird, almost naive, assumption that we
are playing nothing but GW games. Really strange.


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