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From: Eric Larsen <nimhbus_at_...>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 23:28:16 -0800


I have silhouettes for some of the Space Marine units (listed b=
elow) done in Visio 4.0 format... which can be outputted to whatever format=
 you want (.bmp, .gif, .wmf... whatever)... I can email them to you as a s=
ingle graphic if you like...

I have:
- Troops:
  Devastator, Standard, Te=
rminator, Assault

- Cavalry/Walker
  Bike, Speeder, Dreadnought, Robot

- =
  Rhino, Vindicator, Land Raider

I worked up a basic template in =
Visio 4.0 (Windows program) for creating my own company/support cards. Eve=
rything is scaled pretty nice and is easily manipulated to create a wide va=
riety of combinations. Sorry that the list is incomplete (to say the least=
!) but I intend to finish on the marines, and then start into the Squats (t=
hen I.G., then Eldar, then etc. etc.).

My grand intention (if I ever get t=
he time to finish it) is to create a program that allows you to design your=
 own Epic cards in an easy (and semi-decent) manner for printing.

Just w=
ondering... would anybody be interested in something like this?...

Eric L=

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Subject: [Epic] Sihouettes for Units

Hello everyone. I'm just won=
dering if anyone has the sihouettes of Epic
miniatures from the force cards=
 in a computer graphic format (Gif, Jpeg,
etc.). I'm thinking of making up=
 a TO&E chart style unit organizer for
Epic, to replace the cards. I'm doi=
ng this so I can also use these "force
charts" for DSII units.

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