[Epic] Epic Project Coordinator job description

From: Seth Ben-Ezra <Azathoth_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 23:43:29 -0500

To all involved with the budding Net Epic project:

I saw that my suggestions were received rather positively regarding a
procedure for designing our Net Epic. Doddsy has already graciously
offered to post the finished result and a checklist of needed rules to
his Web page. So I was trying to figure out what exactly we would
need from our project coordinator. I'm assuming that he would update
the checklist periodically. How periodically would depend partly on
how often Doddsy wants to update his page. I know nothing of Web page
design, so I'm not sure how this would work. If nothing else, the
coordinator could always maintain one on his own computer to be
emailed on request and occasionally posted to the mailing list. Also
he would compile and distribute possible rules fixes to the list. He
would then be responsible for organizing and tallying votes. (IMHO,
no rules should be voted on until after Epic 40K is released. After
all, we want to strip it of any good rules. Why let all that work go
to waste?) Finally, he would have to organize the final draft and
send it to Doddsy to be posted. Something that needs to be stressed is
that the coordinator is *not* the ultimate decider of what does and
doesn't go into the system. He is more like the moderator of the
discussion. Have I missed anything? But assuming that this is the
complete job description (which I think is safe to say), does anyone
want the job? Please note that I am *not* nominating myself. IF the
group asks me to do it, I will, but I agree with Perrin that the job
would probably be handled better by a veteran player, not a four-month
player, like myself. I'm just anxious to see this project succeed. I
think that the whole concept is incredible. Think about it. People
from all over the world who will probably never see each other are
going to be designing a game. That's pretty cool in my book.

For the Revolution,

Seth Ben-Ezra
Great Wolf
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