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From: Dan Lobb <danlobb_at_...>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 02:55:17 -0800

lojeck wrote:

> several! I once bought a Ral Partha box set (10 or so figures) that had a
> broken figure in it. while I'm on the phone, I hear the woman tear open a
> box (I hear her picking the shrinkwrap with her fingernail) to get me a
> replacement!

Ral Partha is the KING OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. I called an order in one
day, had the time zone wrong, and the only guy around was the president
of the company. Not only did he fill my order while I was on the phone,
he sent me about $20.00 of extra minis from there new line and a gold
plated "RAL" miniature. I had only ordered about $40.00 worth of minis!

> not for nothing guys, but we shouldn't give GW so much credit for
> something that they're supposed to do anyway! personally, I think the
> sheer # of "they screwed up, then fixed it fast" stories point to nothing
> so much as shitty quality controls...

Yes, the production group was lax in the QC area. I had seen a few posts
in newsgroups about poor customer service as well. I feel justified in
recognizing the mail order crew. If they are like most customer service
groups, they are underpaid and over stressed. Everyone takes their
frustrations out on them when the production, QC, or marketing groups

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