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Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 09:52:00 GMT

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>On 14 Jan 97 at 7:56, Brett Hollindale wrote:
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>> >Mike Fuller wrote:
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>> >> Hello all,
>> >>
>> >> It appears that our gaming group is a minority in that we're
>> >> really NOT into titans. In fact we have a house rule limiting 1 titan per
>> >> army per battle. So when we so the price for Titan Legions we decided not
>> >> to purchase it. However, after reading this mailling list I'm having
>> >> second thoughts. There have been some rules attributed to Titan Legions.
>> >> We're specifically local for rule errata and additions that effect
>> >> non-titans. So I was wondering if it's worth the price (provided we can
>> >> even find it.) We're not interested in paying big bucks just for a model
>> >> as large as my cat!
>> >>
>> >> Thanks, and good gaming to all.
>> >>
>> >> Mike
>> >
>> >I have to agree with you, we use titans as supporting troops and
>> >concentrate on armor and infantry. In fact, I am amazed by the number of
>> >people that equip their titans with CC weapons. I have partitcipated in
>> >only one battle that a titan was close assaulted.
>> I've always found close assault to be one of the easiest ways to kill a
>> (And I use it a lot!!)
>> Agro
>Oh yeah! I haven't tried it on a biggie yet, but I have brought
>Revenant Scout Titans to their knees with a swarm of Grey Hunters.
>Usually lost the troops, though....
>Seth Ben-Ezra
>Great Wolf

Yeah, its hard on the troops when the vreactor blows. I have put a THawk
full of Scythes of the Emporer into a Great Gargant, but the game finished
before they could destroy it :-(

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