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From: Brett Hollindale <agro_at_...>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 09:52:02 GMT

At 04:52 AM 15/1/97 +0200, you wrote:
>Perrin Haley wrote:
>> Speaking of Squat SHV's (here we go again), I'd like to see if we could
>> implement the optional rules that give them armor saves like Titans. I
>> don't remember how powerful the rules made them, but we could increase
>> point cost if needed. They were posted on a web-page, but I lost the url.
>> Any comments?
>Umh. So far that i have tested squat SHV's they ar not so overkill.
Leviathan has 4 void
>shields, no chance to regen, landtrain at max is 11-12 with regen (ok
assuming you
>get loads of battlecars in it). Cyclops and colossus has 6 void shields as
i recal...
>for the moment i do not have armour saves, can dig 'em up though.
>But squat SHVs get wasted pretty easily IMHO easier than titans.

You guys have got to be joking.

The cheesiest unit in the game has got to be the space marine drop pod,
followed by either the Shok Attack Gun, the Wave Serpent or any Squat SHV
you care to name (except the Leviathan - which is really an Imperial vehicle
- which explains its inferiority).

As to comparing Squat SHV's to titans, lets do that!

A Colossus costs the same as a Reaver, so...

The Colossus has a Carapace Landing Pad, a Titan Multiple Rocket Launcher, a
Barrage Misile launcher, 8d6 that hit on a 4+ range 75 save at -2 (no two
titan weapons that a Reaver can mount can equal that firepower!) and 16d6
worth of carapace multi lasers.
The Colossus saves on a 1+ (all round). The Colossus has 6 void shields.
Of course, the Colossus always moves and then first fires.

To me this adds up to a unit with at least 6 titan weapon slots, with 6 void
shields and a 1+ save all round that always first fires.

The Reaver has a better move, but is not a command unit, so if it moves, it
will NOT be first firing. It cannot equal the Colussus' weapon pack in its
wildest dreams. It has only one 1+ save (from the front) and only four
miserable void shields. The titan's only advantages are that some shots
(about 1 in 6) scatter off the titan template, and some shots only damage
the titan instead of killing it outright.

The Reaver has 3 titan weapon slots, 4 void shields and generally a 2+
saving throw from the front.

Both are Special Cards. Both have the same CAF. Both cost 500 pts.

In my estimation, a Colussus can face two reavers and be on relatively equal

What do other people think?

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