Re: [Epic] Re: Epic 3.0 6mm mini rules

From: <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 18:26:48 +0200

Hi folks,
>>Since I'm one of the two authors of this thing I believe it's time for
>>me to speak up. Yes the system is based heavily on 1st ed Epic.

>Are you saying that you wrote Epic 3.0 or are you saying that the rules for
>Epic 3 on the net are nothing to do with GW?

I have nothing, repeat nothing, to do with GW. As long as we are talking
about the same rules, the alternative 6mm miniatures rules, also know
as inofficial Space Marine 3.0 rules they have nothing to do with GW as
well!!!! They have been written by Stefano Lanticina and me, Erik Scheuermann.
As far as In know (checked yesterday) I made that point very clear in
the preface for the rules.

As far as the requests for the rules go, someone already mentioned the URL
here on the list, I don't know it off hand, I don't have a homepage yet,
so it's on somebody elses page (thanx to him, whoever he is).

Since I got several request for the rules already, I will post them to
the list tomorrow morning CET, as long as there isn't a large of complaints.
Hope you'll like them, comments are very welcome. Please remember this is
not a real finished version, more like an extended beta test. If I get
enough input I'll try to finish it, or include whatever is usefull into
Net Epic

So long

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